The Flameless and Effortless Reed Diffuser

You walk out of the door and get into your car, drive up the block only to realize that you left the oven on or the garage door open. It happens to all of us, and you don't want that to happen to you with a candle. You want to be able to scent your home in a low-maintenance and worry-free way, which is especially helpful, if like us, you have little ones around of both the fur and non-fur variety. We have four children and three dogs (a Chihuahua, Olde English Bulldogge, and a Bullmastiff). So we get the need for a safe way to fill our home with aromas other than diapers and dog odors. 

We pride ourselves in creating safe products and have tested so many different candles variations with safety in mind. Still, we get that others may prefer a flameless approach. Our reed diffusers are the perfect way to scent the air with a consistent scent without the worry of flames. There is no need for electricity, and reed diffusers do not have to be lit to release their scent, so the fragrance is there all of the time. Oil rises through the responsibly harvested rattan reeds, and the aroma is released into the air once it reaches the top of the channel. Moreover, our reed diffusers look great too; the amber jar and sola wood flowers are aesthetically pleasing and fit with any decor. Since we are all working from home due to the pandemic, they make a great addition to any home office or workspace. 

How to use our reed diffusers

  1. Gently attach the sola wood flowers to the end of the rattan reeds. 
  2. Place the reeds into the bottle 
  3. Repurpose the bottle when done

That's all that you have to do to enjoy a safe and effective way to add scent to your home.