New Fragrance Alert: Bliss, Mojito and Boudoir

Spring is here, and winter is gone. As such, we have placed our winter scented candles away in the vault. They won't be available until next season. With spring comes revival, we are happy to announce our newest scents: Bliss, Boudoir, and Mojito.

Bliss is a beautiful pineapple scented candle combined with sage and palm. The infusion of essential oils like eucalyptus, cedar, clary sage, Amyris, and others makes this a scent of paradise. Perfection in a jar that is sure to cleanse and revive the room at the same time.

Boudoir is a sultry, sensual candle that combines leather and rose to create a romantic and adventurous scent. This candle has patchouli essential oil in it to make an earthy undertone.

Mojito is a classic mint mojito cocktail—a crisp and refreshing scented fragrance.

All of these scents are available as wax melts too. They will be available soon as a reed diffuser.