Candle of the week: Whoa, Friend

Good friends are like stars.You don't always see them but you know they are always there - Anonymous
That couldn't be more true right now. We have been extra careful this year in light of Covid-19 and having a newborn in our home. It's felt at times like I am the one doing the abandoning of our friends and family. It has been tough to give up sports, friendly gatherings, and normal life activities like going out to eat at a restaurant. This week we prepare to gather around our dinner tables to give thanks and show gratitude. It might not be easy to find those things, but if you look closely, they are there. That's why this week's featured candle is "Whoa, Friend" to remind me of all those special moments of joy shared with friends and all the memories we will make together in the future. 
"Whoa, Friend" is another special blend that we created. We combined the pleasing warm tones of tobacco with the sweetness of caramelized vanilla combined with the earthy combination of patchouli amber. 
It's an amazing tobacco candle scent perfect for the moments of reflection on the good times.