5 Reasons Candles Make the Best Gifts

The holiday gifting season is upon us, and we are all looking for Christmas gift ideas to fill those stockings and holiday gift baskets. Of course, we are biased, but we think that candles make the best gifts, and why not buy it from a family-owned small business trying to become the best candle brand in Arizona. So here are five reasons why we think you should buy a candle online as a gift this holiday:


1) Candles are the ultimate thoughtful gift: It can take time to pick the right candle for yourself, let alone someone else, especially online. Buying a candle online can be difficult. So how do you buy a candle online? Here are a few tips: think about the person you are giving the candle to as a gift. Do they like earthy scents? Are they more of a floral aroma lover? Or foods? What is their home decor style? Do you need a candle that matches their home decor? Think about the space. Is it a large space like an open living room or a small hallway? Do they need a strong filling scent because they have a Bullmastiff and an Olde English Bulldog and four kids? Oh, wait, that's us! There can also be a special meaning or memory associated with a particular scent, so that's why choosing the right candle is a super thoughtful gift. 


2) Candles can be personalized: Copper Mountain Candles can be personalized with custom text to make them the best-personalized gift. You can say anything from I love you to Happy Birthday and anything in between. So get creative and say it in 30 characters or less. Maybe you need a teacher appreciation gift or a congratulations grad gift? Our candles can quickly become that! Guess what? It's complementary to you; we offer it at no charge. 


3) Candles are good gifts for any occasion:  Much like our custom text candles and reed diffusers, for that matter, are great for any occasion. From gift baskets to table decorations, candles can be used for many reasons and gifted at any time of year. A good scented candle can brighten up someone's day and serve as a reminder that they have love and support every time they light the candle or walk by the reed diffuser.


4) Candles are great unisex gifts: It is a common myth that candles are just for women. Men like candles too! We often get comments from spouses telling us how surprised they were that their husbands loved a particular scent. We don't subscribe to the theory that fragrances belong to one specific gender. The unisex candle idea has never been more apparent to us than when we participate in vendor fairs. Men and women alike would stop, smell, and purchase our candles. We have great scented candles for everyone. 


5) Candles offer many hours of enjoyment: Candles are often used during key times of day as a moment of relaxation or as a reminder of a special moment in time. We have long-lasting candles that will provide an excellent room-filling scent for many hours if burned properly. Candles can also help to set the mood. Turn down the lights, grab a candle, and strike the match. Oh, and for those picky noses, we offer gift cards as a fantastic gift idea for those that want to pick their own candle.


So the next time you are looking for a gift idea, look no further than Copper Mountain Candle. We have great gift ideas for everyone, including yourself!